A Spontaneous Call to Prayer

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?” – Isaiah 43:19

MISSION COMPLETE.  The beginning of something new.  Get ready!

You may now view the broadcast here: Livecast Prayer Summit


Pictured: Stellar, and Dove Award-winning Music Producer Billy Dorsey and Outreach Pastor
for Lakewood Church, thebridgelife, and Impeccable Music Group

Our team of entrepreneurs, marketers, pastors, prophets, apostles, intercessors, Shofar blowers, ministries, musicians, prayer partners, friends, and family have aligned to produce this call to prayer for those who serve in the global media and entertainment business. Many tens of thousands of Christians provide a variety of support for the global media from working on a crew, writing, acting, directing, photography, producing, music, choreography, accounting, legal, distribution, financing, to technology, and more!

We are praying for a move of God in entertainment and media production. There is no political agenda here. We sincerely want to hear from Jehovah and then act courageously and with wisdom in our prospective roles to influence and impact content creation to usher in his voice in all things, through the Holy Spirit. God does indeed reveal himself in the arts and through his people.

Our mission is to rally Christians and/or Christ Walkers who serve in the regional and global entertainment industries, to gather for spontaneous corporate prayer in their prospective cities November 27, 2013 (the day before Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah), starting at 7PM to 9PM CST (in all appropriate time zones, globally) – complete.  So, whether you are in film, music, television, radio, publishing, gaming, or social media and technology development, please consider participating in this prayer gathering in your area or on-line.

Please post your comments, prayers, prophecies, testimonials, inspirations, videos, songs, etc. below.  Share your heart.

Please make a donation here to support this production (any amount appreciated).

5 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Call to Prayer

  1. God bless this endeavor. It is so needed to proclaim the glory of the Lord in a dark industry and a darkening world. As the producer, director and lead writer of the epic feature film The Prodigal, now in pre-production, it is my focus to break through the inferior stereotype that faith based films has become and elevate the story-telling with authentic screenplays and high budget visuals that will match anything secular Hollywood can create. The Prodigal is a model for such a powerful redemptive stories in a style that will attract a world-wide general audiences and touch them in a non-preachy way that speaks to the heart for the need for change.

  2. God is moving mightily in this hour, because of the times in which we are living. He is calling His people to pray strategically and effectively in order to bring His purposes to pass in the earth realm. Music is a very powerful tool and gift from God to release His supernatural anointing for peace, healing, deliverance, salvation and restoration into the lives of all people throughout the world. The call to Christians who are in media and entertainment industry to join together in fervent strategic and effective prayer is a very serious one, because God is doing a new thing through His people in this hour and in this season. Prayer is a weapon that releases the authority of God’s Word into the affairs of men in such a way that causes every yoke to be destroyed and every burden to be removed by the anointing. God is going to use this “Spontaneous Call to Prayer” to release His power into many dimensions – spiritually, physically, financially and relationally across America and around the world. Get ready for GREAT REVIVAL & A SHIFT IN THE ATMOSPHERE IN THE EARTH & IN THE HEAVENLY REALM AS THE PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILETH MUCH IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME!!! (JAMES 5:16)

  3. There are “flash mobs” where people come together at a pre-selected location to sing, dance, or do something spontaneously and without rehearsal, all in unity. Then there are “flash robs” where groups of individuals invade a retail store enmasse, take what they can get their hands on, and rush out the door – all in a matter of flash seconds. We’re taking this idea of “flash” gatherings to another level by participating in a “flash event” for Christ … and you’re invited. Follow the links on this page to other sources of information, and help spread the word. This is intended to be a national event, centered in Houston. How many thousands, on such short notice, can come together on a single night, for two hours, to pray and worship? Join us, won’t you?

  4. Will be traveling during this event to my hometown but you better believe my daughter and I will be joining during this WHOLE time. Its time to break out and break loose! Its OUR time. Its time for us to stand up for what we believe in and WHO believes in US. ITS GO TIME PEOPLE!!!! GBU and this is the most amazing thing I have heard of all year! Count us in!!

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