Kemah, TX – Screening of the Production of “Christians in Media and Entertainment Prayer Summit”

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1.25.14 – Our on-camera talent and team had the opportunity to screen the “blocked” rough-cut of the spontaneous flash gathering of the summit which was held the day before Thanksgiving in 2013. All of the speakers and music talent put on an incredible event in less than two weeks that was held at C.O.O.L. Ministries in Houston, TX and broadcast to the web.

The Producer/Executive Producer, Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics, wanted to gather everyone to review the footage and speak into the refinement of the production before releasing it to select film festivals this year and then releasing in HD on iTunes and combined soundtrack feature and if demand requires on Blue-ray (approximately 2 hours of life-changing content).

The production features:

Gil Markarian, Executive Director of The Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship – Emcee
Maryann Markarian (spouse) – singer and commentary with her husband
Billy Dorsey – 2013 Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award-winning Music Producer/Writer and Outreach Pastor for Lakewood Church – Keynote
Boyd Harrell, Pastor of C.O.O.L. Ministries – prison ministry that reaches out to hundreds of prisons and jails across the country – testimony and the power of the media and entertainment on the prisoners
Mikail Kuvad of Reconnaissance Media Group – a historical message about Hollywood, Jewish and Christian influence and the sounding of the Shofar
Chip Matthews of Chip Matthews Ministries – a message about his work ministering in the entertainment world and supporting Christian artists
Wally Wood of The Revelation File – “Get Ready! Your Audience is Waiting” – The future of Christians in media and entertainment

Directed by William Madrid of InOurSity Films

This enchanting evening and presentation is part webcast, documentary, music video, lecture, historical revelation, futuristic, ministry, and inspirational call to action. Get ready!

Sponsored by The Hollywood Prayer Network, EBC Broadcast, Marketing Dynamics, C.O.O.L. Ministries, Chip Matthews Ministries, Light House Faith Community Church – Fort Walton Beach, FL, The Revelation File, Debbie Porter Photography, Reconnaissance Media Group, and many more!


Video Message from Chip Matthews of Chip Matthews Ministries

Chip Matthews could not attend the prayer summit, so we recorded this message to share with all Christians and prayer partners who have a heart for those who work in the media and entertainment business.  We hope you enjoy this clip that was shared at the summit for our viewers.  This video will also appear in the DVD/CD we are preparing as well.  If you are interested in advance purchases of the DVD/CD product, please e-mail

The DVD will feature performances by 2013 Grammy winner music producer Billy Dorsey, songs by Mary Ann Markarian, Shofar blowing by Mikail Kuvad, testimonial by Boyd Harrell of C.O.O.L. Ministries (prison ministry), keynote message by Billy Dorsey, a message about the future “Get ready! Your Audience is Waiting” by Wally Wood of The Revelation File News Service, and music videos by Eddie B, Mary Ann Markarian, Chip Matthews, and Billy Dorsey.  Special featured introductions by our MC Gilbert Markarian.

“Flash Event” for Christ! Get ready!


There are “flash mobs” where people come together at a pre-selected location to sing, dance, or do something spontaneously and without rehearsal, all in unity. Then there are “flash robs” where groups of individuals invade a retail store enmasse, take what they can get their hands on, and rush out the door – all in a matter of flash seconds. We’re taking this idea of “flash” gatherings to another level by participating in a “flash event” for Christ … and you’re invited. Follow the links on this page to other sources of information, and help spread the word. This is intended to be a national, centered in Houston, Texas. How many thousands, on such short notice, can come together on a single night, for two hours, to pray and worship? Join us, won’t you?

By Wally Wood
The Revelation File News Service


Get Ready! Promo Video Featuring Chip Matthews of Chip Matthews Ministries

Chip Matthews is a prophetic minister, prayer intercessor, actor, model, and singer. He has been praying for a move of God in media and entertainment for quite some years. So, it is very fitting that he would help usher in the “Christians in Media and Entertainment Prayer Summit”. Get Ready!